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Interview with Morse Pond School's Mr. Borning!

1. What is your favorite instrument- to play and also to teach?

I have been playing the trumpet for 37 years and I am still trying to get better at it, I won't stop in that pursuit. As far as teaching goes, I really enjoy teaching all instruments. For me, it's about the learning process and watching the students get better. That's where I find my enjoyment.

2. What is your favorite band/type of music?

I have a very wide range of musical interests! Everything from rock, pop, classical and jazz. If I had to pick a favorite band I would say Stone Temple Pilots. I also enjoy Martin Sexton and Chris Trapper.

3. What/who made you decide to become a music teacher?

When I was in high school I helped tutor some young musicians in elementary school and then some of the parents hired me to teach private lessons to their students. I really enjoyed it, from there it was a no brainer.

4. Do you have a favorite "music" memory/story?

I have a few. While at UMASS I had a lot of really great playing opportunities. One was recording David Maslanka's 4th Symphony for Wind Ensemble. It is the most difficult piece I have ever had to play and the memory of the hard work, dedication and emotion that went into performing the piece is something I will never forget especially when I look back at it with my classmates from that time (not to mention my girlfriend that eventually became my wife).

In addition, I have also had performances that are very memorable like playing at a sold out City Winery with Compaq Big Band. I have also performed with the Cape Symphony, Wayne Bergeron, Dennis DiBlasio and The Chi-Lites

5. What is your wish for your students this year?

This year I am really trying to help rebuild our program. Covid really put a hurting on the numbers of students involved in band in the Falmouth Public Schools. It was very hard for students to have the desire to learn an instrument over Zoom. The good news is that I have the most beginners I have ever had in 5th grade. I am not quite at the amount of students I traditionally had pre-Covid, but I am pretty close. I hope to instill a love of music and their instrument that will help them continue for years to come.

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